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Need an Interview Coach?

Do you keep coming out of interviews thinking that they went well, only for you to be rejected time and time again?

Maybe you're on the fence about getting assistance for an all-important interview? With the job market saturated with candidates the way that it is at the moment, any interview is all-important these days! Interview coaches are increasingly becoming an essential part of the job search process.

We are excited to announce our new service and trust that it will give you that extra confidence boost when tackling your interview(s).

Why interview coaching you may ask?

It can increase your chances of getting a job for many reasons. Interview coaching gives you experience answering many different interview questions and facilitates interaction with potential employers, helping you prepare mentally, easing interview anxiety. We can provide you with valuable insight and feedback that will help you improve your responses during interviews.

Need more convincing?

Here's what one of our clients have to say:

I recently applied for a very senior position within our business. Although it was in line with what I was currently doing within the business, I still felt a bit overwhelmed and intimidated.

The overwhelming part was that I would be interviewed by the biggest panel I have ever faced without physically being in the same space as either one of them. I would answer questions without being able to read body language and all of the panelists sit at an executive level within the business. I felt intimidated by the prospect of taking on a bigger role with a lot more responsibility. The question that lingered was: "Would I be able to sell myself adequately?".

I got in touch with L&S People Solutions. Leigh had a look at the job advertisement and set up a session with me to discuss it.

L&S People Solutions provided invaluable insight pertinent to the job-specific questions, but also prepared me for some HR-related questions. The latter always seems to be a slight oversight on the part of any applicant. We discussed potential responses to questions and I think this is what put me ahead of the rest of the pack. There was a big focus not only on what was said but also on how it was to be relayed.

After the session with Leigh, I felt overprepared. If such a thing even exists is a totally different conversation (haha).

The key takeaways from the consultation were confidence and charisma during the interview.

The outcome -- I was offered a more senior position than the one I applied for!

My profile within the business has raised significantly, not just because of the position I would now occupy. I played my part, but Leigh's contribution was definitely telling. Thank you, L&S People Solutions. - W.G.

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