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Why Like and Share (small business pages & posts)

This lockdown period has really seen so many people not only lose jobs but also led to many new businesses starting up. Starting up a business takes immense courage; even more so during a global pandemic! Growing your followers takes time and a lot of effort.

So maybe you’re wondering, how can social media ’likes’ help a business grow’? Well, the more likes you have on your business social media pages and posts, the more people will be aware of your business. This means that your potential customer-base increases, and you have a greater opportunity to convert those potential customers into actual customers.

Supporting small business doesn't have to cost you (the friend or family member) any money (yes, ideally that's the end goal, to make money), but if you aren't able to support by purchasing, these few small gestures really go a long way.

5 simple things you can do to help your friend grow their business without physically spending any money:

  • Like/Follow their business page or social media account

  • Share their posts

  • “Love” or “wow” their Facebook posts

  • Leave a positive review or comment

  • Ask your own social media contacts to like and share too

Remember, it just takes one set of eyes to become a customer; so please think twice before scrolling past small business pages. We need your support.

Leave a heart and share. Sharing is caring.

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